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From 23 to 25 December only Xmas 【Specialized course】.Food only

From 23 to 25 December only Xmas 【Specialized course】.Food only

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We express ferocious ingredients and Honshu's seasonal products with French and all kinds of techniques, and we prepared three world's great delicacies sparingly in a special day only for one year.Relax and spend precious space and time with important people and new discoveries.

Course menu


· Okishi from Akkusa ~ Champagne Poche caviar shoes ~

· Wolf 's Vorte ~ Crab · Trippe Genovese ~

· Marbled Shiraoi Beef Sashimi

· Organic vegetable stick salad


·Christmas tree

· Tomato and cheese couscous

· Shrimp

· Red snapper ~ Champignon sauce ~

· Wagyu beef · truffle · foie gras Millefeuille

· Chewing cheddar cheese ~ Frit of cow's cow ~

· Fat Lia Bio's Kacho Cavaro

· France Ballberry duck ~ apple butter ~

Skewer break Burrata and basil

· Ram rack with bone ~ Egg yolk sauce and white truffle sauce ~

· Caramelized jelly and foie gras saute

· Seafood Arancini - Konan Cream Risotto ~


· Tiramisu of carrot potato

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