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December 23 - 25 Limited Xmas 【Casual course】.Food only

December 23 - 25 Limited Xmas 【Casual course】.Food only

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  • 15items
  • 2-2persons

We express expressive ingredients of Hokkaido and Honshu in every technique such as French and prepared it for one year's special day only.Relax and spend precious space and time with important people and new discoveries.

Course menu


· Porcini mushrooms and Inca's awakening pie croissant

· Wolf 's Vorte ~ Crab · Trippe Genovese ~

· Marbled Shiraoi Beef Sashimi

· Organic vegetable stick salad


·Christmas tree

· Tomato and cheese couscous

· Shrimp

· Red snapper ~ Champignon sauce ~

· Chewing cheddar cheese ~ Crispy fried beef crisp ~

· Fatliao's Kacho Cavaro

· France Ballberry duck ~ apple butter ~

Skewer Break ~ Burrata and Basil

- Caramelise-made turnip and foie gras saute - fried Kajifu ~

· Seafood Arancieni - Kunumi Cream Risotto


· Tiramisu of carrot potato

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Until 17 o'clock the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday, Tuesday, Sunday

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